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Oxyrub Pain Relief Cream (1 Tube) Clinically shown to provide TWICE as much pain relief as the leading pain cream Pain is the single most common reason that patients seek medical care—and yet, there have been shockingly few truly effective solutions.  NOT ANYMORE.  Now, not even the worst chronic pain can stand up to the pain-relieving power of OxyRub™. Whether you’ve been fighting arthritis pain for ages or just suffer from aches and pains after a round of golf or an afternoon in the garden, OxyRub can eliminate your pain—quickly. OxyRub combines the pain-relieving power of menthol with a proprietary oxygenated essential oil into a soothing, pleasant-smelling cream.  Every drop works on contact to: Dissolve arthritis pain in knees, hips, fingers, and wrists Relieve tense, painful back, leg, and neck muscles Cool and soothe stubborn bursitis pain Take the throbs out of bumps, sprains, and bruises And so much more… Just apply OxyRub where it hurts and PRESTO! No more pain! That’s because OxyRub rubs in quickly and goes to work right at the source of your pain, to conquer it almost instantly, right on contact. Without waiting to digest a pill…without worrying about drug interactions or harmful side effects…without medicinal scents, messy oils or greasy lotions. OxyRub’s secret lies in a proprietary blend of menthol, emollients, and oxygenated essential oil in a soothing, non-greasy cream that’s absorbed into the skin in seconds with NO burning or irritation! Clinical studies prove TWICE THE PAIN-FIGHTING POWER In a double-blind, randomized, controlled head-to-head study, OxyRub was put to the test against a leading, mainstream menthol-only cream. After 8 days, users reported their acute pain decreased by an impressive 27.8% compared to just 13.7% in the menthol-only group. That’s MORE THAN DOUBLE the effectiveness of the leading mainstream pain cream! Users also reported a 59.

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